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A Message from Gary Maynard….

I personally, wanted to invite you to attend a very informative workshop entitled ….“Know Thy Contract”

CFSA Vice President Paul Stringer and I have done a “needs assessment” and have determined that each of you would harness a profound benefit from a workshop focused on “contract language”.  CFSA_Proactively Mini Workshop

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Reign Brawley, BABS, MBA, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is known as a “troubleshooter” who brings order to chaos; she has over 10 years of experience and business acumen in strategic and integrated communications, business intelligence, and human capital. While acting as an Executive Consultant for Channeled Reflections, USA Reign has provided community stakeholders, non-profits, private and public organizations, in local and Midwestern communities with professional insight on several subjects: organizational architecture, financial controls and reporting, and human capital management.