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Reign Brawley, BABS, MBA, was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is known as a “troubleshooter” who brings order to chaos; she has over 10 years of experience and business acumen in strategic and integrated communications, business intelligence, and human capital. While acting as an Executive Consultant for Channeled Reflections, USA Reign has provided community stakeholders, non-profits, private and public organizations, in local and Midwestern communities with professional insight on several subjects: organizational architecture, financial controls and reporting, and human capital management.

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From the Desk of the VP

Salutations and Happy Holidays to Everyone!! We are having a very busy year, handing the negotiations of nine locals. Eight of the negotiations have been finished and I am happy to state that none of the CFSA locals using CFSA negotiators had to proceed through arbitration. All...
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Reminder: Renewal of Certification

Another area I want to address is the area of certification. Please make sure you are aware of the renewal date of your certification. Many districts do not routinely advise their members of the renewal date. A lapse in your certification can jeopardize your job. The last...
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There appears to be a hiring resurgence in the administrative job market statewide. This comes with welcome arms to many of you who are looking for new challenges and chances. On the other hand, I would strongly advise anyone looking to move to another district to make...
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Hot off POCFSA Desk!

Truly, hoping everyone has had a good start to the school year. The first few months of school seem to pass quickly. CFSA has been busy working with locals on contract negotiations and with other locals on contract issues that protect our members. We have several members...
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