Looking for Meeting Space?

CFSA home offices stand ready for your use. Should you need a neutral, centrally located, safe, and spacious place to meet –give us a call to set up your next meeting.

Need fresh ideas?

Let’s create your local’s growth strategy together– call 860-635-3660!


Be Proactive!

“Tap into over 76 years of vetted professional school administrative experience from the oldest and only union for school administrators”


Leadership Redefined

Let Connecticut Federation of School Administrators define your union leadership strategies and success markers


What We Offer to You!

As past principals at the elementary, middle and secondary levels and with over 76 years of experience, CFSA’s leadership has extensive knowledge and skills at their disposal. Current President and Vice President have seen and been part of it all: PPTs, faculty meetings, parent conference, accountability plans, disciplinary hearings, school safety issues, cyber-bullying, suspensions, expulsions, teacher evaluations – are but a few of the areas in which they have extensive knowledge, skills and expertise.

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